Stunning Design

Each guitar is hand made, finished and detailed like just a true luthier would made.
The HD graphics allows to appreciate every detail, from the animated shadows of the strings, to the choice of lights, to the small signs of wear on the electric guitar handle.

Crazy Performance

The memory has been optimized to exploit all the performance of the device, while playing and recording your favorite songs.
Thanks to special compression techniques we were able to contain the size of all the HD sounds and graphics, so a cellular data connection is enough to download the app.

Easy yet pro

It can be played with just one hand, simply pick a chord and shake your iPhone to strum. It's the easiest guitar app in the AppStore.

Online Songs

A lot of songs immediately available. And the number of songs is constantly growing.
Maybe eventually you will discover how to play the song you were looking for since a long time...

Record what you play

You can record your best live performance, play back and share them online with other people.
Or you can play and make arpeggios on the songs recorded by other users.
What if you were the new Van Halen?

Multiplayer: play it's not just a solo

Two is better! So open your rehearsal room or join the one of someone else.
But don't think at it as another chatroom with messages and smileys. There is no space for chit chat on VG3, just for the music.


The fate of the songs are completely in your hands. You have the power to choose the best version of each song, to change it and improve it, to rate it and give your contribution to promote a user or to send it in the "zero stars" limbo.


Virtual Guitar 3 is completely free, supported by the ads.
Yet, It's still possible to remove the advertising and buy more effects and graphics, using the In-App purchases.

Need support?

If you need more info, support or if you just have a question about Virtual Guitar 3, please visit